New ‘The Old Republic’ Trailer Proves Why George Lucas Should Let Others Handle Star Wars

Being a movie website, it’s not often that we report strictly on videogame happenings…especially in regards to trailers.  But there are times, when some things are so awesome (mostly when Star Wars is involved) that we just have to report on it.  Such is the case with Star Was: The Old Republic.

It’s an MMO (Massively Multi-player Game) set in the Star Wars universe, that’s been ambitiously worked on by Bioware for the past few years.  Over the last three E3 events Bioware has released cinematic (all CG, not gameplay footage) trailers for the game which have been stunning.  I mean these are just jaw-droppingly good in the animation and content department.  Here’s the latest trailer…we’ll talk more after:

They are glorious and every year that I see a new one, I can’t help but think “why can’t Star Wars be like this now?”  With talk still going on about a live-action TV show, and 2 cartoon shows around (one is still forthcoming), I can’t help but wish they could look something like these.

See what I mean?!  Could you imagine another Star Wars movie made like this?  I mean, even in just these 6 short minutes, the Bioware team has managed to capture everything awesome about Star Wars and even give it an engaging plot that makes you want to keep watching.  It gives off the classic feel of the movies and pays homage to what’s come before, while easily carving it’s own niche.  I want more.

This is last year’s…Still awesome.

To this end, it’s the reason I’m saying perhaps it’s time George Lucas let the reins go and give it over to someone else.  While I’ve probably been Lucas’ biggest proponent over the years, it’s hard to deny that his vision in the hands of someone else, just works better.  He gave us all a great universe to explore, and there are many talented people out there who have shown us some great things within that universe…more so than even George.

While it’s not likely that the same creative team will ever make a movie or show in the same style as these trailers…one can dream.  In the meantime we’ll just have to enjoy these little snippets of Star Wars genius and hope more will come our way.  Who knows, maybe when the game finally comes out, they’ll make a companion movie to go with it, using all these great cinematics.

And the one that started it all…