New Transformers Dark of the Moon Trailer

If all the casting decision and new special effects, or even the newly released poster, didn’t get you all hyped up. Well they have brought us even more with a brand new trailer. You can check it out below, but just in case you are not able to see it I will tell you what it entails.

Big explosions, a giant robot, and a Shia running for his life. Okay on a serious note, the trailer opens up with a beautiful scene on the moon showing off the cutting edge visuals and leads to a semi-revealing shot of a mysterious object. Of course humans made the mistake of not revealing all their info and now the trouble begins. From there we get some more breathtaking shots on the moon, and this leads into absolutely amazing visuals of the world being taken over. This is basically everything you imagined Battle LA being combined with the first Transformers.

Check it out.