News Bits: Avengers, Captain America 2, Total Recall, John Carter, Prometheus, Halloween, and Lots More!

* Marvel Studios has reportedly narrowed their shortlist of 10 directors down to 3 to helm Captain America 2.  According to Vulture, those directors are: “George Nolfi, the writer-director of The Adjustment Bureau; F. Gary Gray, best known for directing The Italian Job; and, naturally … Community’s Anthony and Joseph Russo?”

Beware the Batman

* Cartoon Network is working on another Batman cartoon titled Beware the Batman and it’s done in the same animation style as their current Green Lantern show.  Above is the official official look at Batman.

* The first trailer for Dreamworks’ Rise of the Guardians is actually pretty bad ass.

Total Recall

* JoBlo has revealed the first poster for the Total Recall remake (about damn time we started seeing something from this film!).

* The Avengers will be closing the Tribeca Film Festival this year.

Lego Avengers Poster

* Speaking of The Avengers, check out this LEGO version of the poster…I would kill for this to be a real videogame.

Dark Knight Rises mountain dew

* Care for some Dark Knight Rises inspired Mountain Dew?

* Speaking of The Dark Knight Rises, a creative fan has used LEGOs to recreate the trailer from the movie.  It’s impressive and badass all at the same time.

* Reports are coming in now that John Carter has made it’s budget back…but has yet to turn a profit.

Agent Coulson poster

* Marvel released this new character poster for The Avengers which highlights the man who ties it all together…Agent Coulson.

* Amazon Instant Watch is now available on the PS3 home consoles.

* Steve Wozniak seemingly approves the casting choice of Ashton Kutcher to portray Steve Jobs.

* Here’s the latest TV spot for Men in Black 3…Is it just me or does the layout and announcer remind you of the 90s?


* A slew of new high-res images from Ridely Scott’s Prometheus (both from the film and behind the scenes) have landed from AvPGalaxy. There’s one above and just hit the link for the rest.  Well worth your time.

* Blood Disgusting made the report that it looks like Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes company were in talks to take over the Halloween franchise.

Brave banners 4

* Disney/Pixar have released 4 new character banners for Brave…and they look gorgeous.