News Bits: Bond 23, Island, Scarface, Star Wars, Evil Dead, Muppets, Captain America 2, Mass Effect and More!


* WhatCulture! attended a BAFTA event where they feel that John Logan (the James Bond writer on the new film) hinted that Blofeld might make his big screen return as the Bond 23 villain.


* Deadline is reporting that Universal is now set to make another version of the classic Scarface movie.  They insist it won’t be a remake/reboot, but that they want to infuse the basic elements of Scarface (both of the previous films) into an all new version.  So basically they’re taking the name and hoping that has a lot of pull.  Martin Bregman, the producer of the famous Al Pacino film, is once again producing this film and they’re currently shopping around for writers.

Academy Awards

* The Academy of Motion Pictures has released a new set of rules for Oscar campaigns.

* The Muppets have come out with yet another great parody trailer, this time taking on The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.


* A new film called Island, is set to take an all new approach to the classic tale The Lord of the Flies and we’ve got a chance to check out the official synopsis, and should even be able to bring you some cast interviews as well.  Here’s the plot:

Set during a nuclear disaster, a group of students are trapped in a school. While some desire to build a new society, a few attempt to subvert the situation for their own purposes.

The film stars Gabriella Montrose, Matthew Ferdenzi, Robbie Curran, Thomas James Longley and Lauren Kellegher.  For more info and pics be sure to check out their Facebook page.

Paranormal Activity 3 poster

* An all new poster for Paranormal Activity 3 has been released.

Evil Dead cake

* Check out this awesome Evil Dead cake.

AT-AT pancakes

* Seriously, how freaking awesome is this?  I really don’t even know how it’s possible, but I know I don’t care.  Looks geeky delicious.

Cartoon Boba Fett

* An Easter Egg on the Star Wars Complete Saga blu-rays is the ability to watch the Boba Fett short cartoon that debuted on the infamous Holiday Special.  Our friends over at TheForce.Net tell you exactly how to watch it.

Dark Shadows

* Entertainment Weekly has the first official look at the cast (in character) from Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows.

Captain America

* In an interview with Playlist, Chris Evans says that we shouldn’t expect Captain America 2 until 2014 (which most of us figured), but he also confirmed that he won’t be making any cameos in any other Marvel films either.  Kind of a bummer, but read the interview to see the reasons why.

Mass Effect

* GameRant has uncovered a Q&A posted on Legendary Pictures’ blog, that apparently went unnoticed.  In it, there are plenty of details about their upcoming Mass Effect adaptation.  The biggest detail is that Seth Green will NOT be portraying the role of Joker for whom he voices in the game.

All right, that about wraps up this edition.  Remember, if you’ve got something you think should be included in News Bits, drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll be sure to feature it next time.