News Bits: John Carter, Bridget Jones, Lincoln, Noah, Dark Knight Rises, Star Wars, and More!

That’s right!  This week you’re getting not one but TWO News Bits.  That’s just how much we care about you guys!

Bridget Jones 3

* Inexplicably another Bridget Jones movie is being made, and it looks like Peter Cattaneo (The Full Monty) will be directing it.

The Darkest Hour warning signs

* Marketing for The Darkest Hour is stepping up its campaign and have created this warning signs in similar style to District 9‘s marketing.

* The Texas premiere of All American Zombie Drugs (which we’ve reviewed and have interviewed the cast) is happening Friday December 9th and 10th in Dallas at the Angelika theater.  There’ll be a cast Q&A afterwards and all of the proceeds from the screenings go to Operation Kindness charity.  A couple of us from TMP will be there too so if you want to meet us up there, that’d be great!

* Check out this incredibly well done Watchmen trailer, recreated entirely in Sony’s Little Big Planet 2.

* Invictus and Sherlock Holmes screenwriter Anthony Peckham has been hired to re-write Warner Bros. new Twilight Zone movie, which is expected to start filming this upcoming Summer.


* A Virginia resident (Michael Phillips) took to his twitter when he snagged this photo of Daniel Day-Lewis sporting his Lincoln beard and look.  The Steven Spielberg biopic is currently filming in Virginia and just based off of this picture, the look has definitely been nailed.

John Carter

* In case you didn’t get a good enough look at all that was going on in the John Carter trailer that came out this morning….Our friends at Cinemablend have 79 high-res screengrabs for you to ooh and ahhh over.

* Director John Chu, who’s directing G.I. Joe: Retaliation took to his Twitter to assure everyone that this sequel would be PG-13.

Batman Snuggie

* If you’re still looking for the perfect gift for that comic book nerd in your life, look know further than the Batman Snuggie.  There’s also Spider-Man, Superman, and Wonder Woman…I wish I was joking about this.

Rudolph Star Wars

* Awesome Rudolph and Star Wars mash-up art.

* Variety reports that Christian Bale has passed on Darren Aronofsky’s Noah, but now it looks like Michael Fassbender is being eyed as a replacement for the lead role.

* Adam Shankman has been hired on to direct yet another adaptation of The Nutcracker.  This version is set to be more kid friendly and to follow more closely the original story as opposed to the ballet…and the hundred other Nutcracker adaptations.

Dark Knight Rises

* Sad, sad news for our readers across the pond (the UK).  Apparently in all of England there will only be 5 IMAX theaters that will be showing The Dark Knight Rises Prologue in front of Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol.  They are Bradford’s National Media Museum, Glasgow’s Science Centre, London’s BFI IMAX, London’s Science Museum and Manchester’s ODEON IMAX.

* Bryan Singer is set to produce and direct the pilot episode for The Munsters reboot, which is going to be more of a dramatic horror story, instead of the comedy the original was.

All right that does it for this week’s second edition of News Bits.  If you’ve got an article or image you think should be included in News Bits, be sure to email us at [email protected] and we’ll be sure to include it.