News Bits: Lone Ranger, Die Hard 5, Brave, American Reunion, Hunger Games, and More!

William Fichtner

* The Lone Ranger (which has been plagued with problems) recently had another issue when a couple days ago, Dwight Yoakam, who was portraying the villain, left the production.  Not to fear though, word has just come down from Deadline that William Fichtner will now take up the villain role…I’d say a step up.

* Disney has released what they’re calling a new trailer for Pixar’s Brave…but it’s really a two and a half minute clip from the film.  Oh, and it’s pretty damn awesome.

* Speaking of Pixar, Disney sent us two new clips from the upcoming short film La Luna, which will be attached to Brave.  The first one is above, and the other you can find on our YouTube page

The Hunger Games IMAX banner

* IMAX released this swanky new banner for The Hunger Games.

* MTV posted a list of 6 sequels that Nicolas Cage needs to make immediately. 

Retro Avatar poster

* This was too awesome not to share.  ForeverGeek has a handful of movie posters…if they had been made in a different decade.

Super Best Friends Forever 

* Apparently as part of Cartoon Network’s DC Nation line-up, Lauren Faust (the creator of My Little Pony) is making a series of shorts called, Super Best Friends Forever…about the teenage super women.  The first look is above. 

* Andrew Garfield recently talked about The Amazing Spider-Man and says they aren’t going for the ‘gritty’ feel:

“We haven’t gone for gritty, we’ve gone for grounded. If we try and make Batman, we’ll fail. The new Batman is it’s own thing – and also in terms of tone, Spider-Man is nothing like that character. Spider-Man is witty, Spider-Man is a kid, Spider-Man wants to have fun, he’s a teenager and he needs to go through first love and piss around.”

A Good Day to Die Hard

* Jai Courtney has been cast as John McClane’s (Bruce Willis) son in A Good Day to Die Hard.  The image above is from the screen test that scored Jai Courtney the role, and NOT from the set. 

* Check out the new theatrical trailer for American Reunion.

All right, that wraps up this edition of News Bits.  Remember if you’ve got an article or scoop you think we should include, drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll be sure to feature it!