News Bits: Mortal Kombat, Taken 2, Lindsay Lohan, Dark Tower, Xerxes, and more!

Mortal Kombat

* The new live action Mortal Kombat web-series will launch it’s first episode next week on April 12th.  It will launch as part of a live streaming event hosted by where the director of the series, plus cast members will be on hand for discussion as they play the brand-new MK videogame.


* In an interview with MTV, 300 producer Mark Canton, confirmed that Xerxes is no longer the title of the upcoming 300 follow-up (even though that’s the name of the comic it’s created from).  He didn’t provide a new title, but he also hinted that Zack Snyder, while involved, likely wouldn’t direct as they’ll want to get started sooner than Superman would allow.   Check out the full interview here.

Andy Serkis

* Andy Serkis (Gollum) is getting the chance to do more than mo-cap work on the set of The Hobbit.  Peter Jackson has now hired him as a second unit director.  Meaning that he’ll be helping out with some of the motion capture performances, and directing on the sets.

Black Dynamite

* Adult Swim has announced they’re making a Black Dynamite cartoon show, based off of 2009’s impossibly awesome Black Dynamite movie.  Directed by the man who brought us Boondocks, the show will feature the voices of Michael Jai White, Tommy Davidson, Kym Whitley and Byron Minns.

Attack the Block

* Screen Gems has announced that they’ll be distributing the SXSW hit Attack the Block here in the US.  No word on a release date yet.

Blockbuster Dish Network

* In a $320 million deal, Dish Network has bought up the flailing Blockbuster company.  While stores are still closing in droves, the TV company will start up new plans to keep the brand going for many years.

Hugh Jackman

* After Viggo Mortensen left Snow White and the Huntsman, where he had the key ‘Huntsman’ role, filmmakers scrambled to find a replacement.  Now that The Wolverine is on hold, Hugh Jackman has been offered role.

Lohan Tate

* Lindsay Lohan is now in talks to portray Sharon Tate, who was infamously murdered by cult leader, Charles Manson.  Her portrayal would be in one of three Manson movies set to come out, this one titled Eyes of a Dreamer.

Superman Lohan

* Speaking of Lindsay Lohan…Remember all those nasty Superman casting rumors about her?  Well, turns out that she is supposed to be auditioning for an undisclosed role in the film, as Radar reports.  Thankfully she didn’t snag the role of Lois Lane, like she wanted, but she’s still up for a part…barring any jail time of course.

Maggie Grace

* Maggie Grace has now been confirmed to reprise her role in Taken 2.  If you can’t recall she played the daughter who was kidnapped, which Liam Neeson then kicked all of Europe’s ass to get back.  No word though on whether or not she’ll be getting stolen yet again this time around.

Dark Tower

* Deadline is now reporting that Javier Bardem is in final talks to portray Roland Deschain in the massive Dark Tower adaptation, helmed by Ron Howard.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

* Craig Gillespie looks to be the third (and hopefully final) director to attach himself to the Pride & Prejudice & Zombies movie adaptation.  After losing David O. Russel and Mike White, the studios were scrambling to find someone.

Top Gun

* Prepare to ride into the danger zone again, as AMC theaters is putting Top Gun back on the big screen for a two-night event to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the film.  Check here for a list of theaters and times to see if it’s showing near you.  Also, when you purchase a ticket you’ll get a full-sized commemorative poster.

Lords of Salem

* Rob Zombie showcased the first pic from his new (and secretive) low-budget horror flick, The Lords of Salem, via his Twitter.  Since he’s still in pre-production (supposedly) this likely comes from his FX shop.  Very creepy.

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