News Bits: Planet of the Apes, Akira, Evil Dead, The Hobbit, Lincoln, Star Wars, Skyfall, and More!

* To help celebrate and create more buzz for the blu-ray release of Rise of the Planet of the Apes (Dec. 13th), FOX has created a new app on their Facebook page that will allow you to create your own poster for the movie.  It’s not a contest or anything, just something kind of fun to play around with.

* Disney released the trailer the for Beauty and the Beast 3D theatrical re-release that’s coming up.

* Coatwolf Productions (and indie group) shot us this trailer for their film Bellflower which is soon coming to DVD/Blu-Ray.


* Gary Oldman dropped out of talks for the Akira adaptation, in which he was supposedly going to play the role of The Colonel, but Ken Watanabe has been offered the role instead…the first Asian so far to be cast in this movie.

Jabba the Cupcake

* I couldn’t help but myself with this one.  Jabba the Cupcake.  Awesome.

* Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 opened blu-ray sales with a whopping $102 million in the first week.


* I don’t care how delicious it may be, I wouldn’t touch this Necronomicon cake.

* More Hobbit trailer talk here.  This time Elijah Wood was chatting with Digital Spy and said the first trailer for The Hobbit would be attached to The Adventures of Tintin in the US.  This coincide with just about everything else we’ve heard.

Animated Batman Star Wars

* Because I thought this was ridiculously cool, I had to share it.  Artist Dean T Fraser created this mash-up of Star Wars and Batman: The Animated Series.  Check out more pics at the link.

John Carter

* Six new images from John Carter were released the other day, via SFX, and look pretty nifty.  Be sure to stay tuned for the new trailer which releases this Thursday.

* Jared Harris (Sherlock Holmes 2) has just been set in Steven Spielberg’s upcoming biopic, Lincoln.  Harris will be portraying General Ulysses S. Grant.

Ben Whishaw, Q

* This should make the James Bond fans happy (I know it does me), it’s now confirmed that Q, the agent who has supplied Bond with all of his gadgets for years, yet has been absent in the last to films, will at last make his appearance in Skyfall.  Ben Whishaw has been confirmed for the role, making this the first time Q has ever been portrayed as younger than Bond.

MIB 3 teaser poster

* A teaser poster for MIB3 has come out and features Will Smith…sort of.  Earlier last week, a similar poster with Tommy Lee Jones was revealed.  The big difference on this poster is there’s a url link listed on the bottom of the poster, that appears to be the start of some viral marketing campaign.  Hit the link to see what’s happening.

All right I think that about does it for this edition of News Bits.  Remember if you’ve got a scoop or image you think should be featured here on News Bits, be sure to drop a line at [email protected]