News Bits: Scream 4, Robocop, Green Lantern, MIB 3, and more!

Scream 4 Poster

* A new poster for Scream 4 has appeared on line and it shows Ghost Face getting to the point…Sorry, couldn’t help myself.


* IGN has proven they are incredibly nerdy, by posting this in depth analysis of the new Spider-Man suit.  Definitely worth a watch for fans of the web-slinger.

Stan Lee

* Stan Lee, the creator of Spider-Man (and many other heroes) was talking with Washington Post, and went on to explain why he likes that the new Spider-Man in the movie will have web-shooters:

“The one thing I liked about Peter’s web-shooters was the fact that they made him more vulnerable. At any crucial moment he could run out of web fluid and be forced to rely on his wits. The organic webs which Sam Raimi gave him — and which Jim Cameron also would have given him had he directed the first Spidey film — certainly worked beautifully in the movie, and perhaps allowed for better special effects than my idea of limited webbing might have done.”


* Fans have really pulled together and raised $50,000 in order to have a statue of Robocop built for the city of Detroit.  The city will still have to approve it, in order to be placed downtown, but if that’s not possible, privately owned land has already been given up to display the statue.


* Men In Black 3 has recently put a halt on filming.  No official reason was given, but sources claim problems with the latter half of the script are to blame.  With a month of production already, in the can, cameras are expected to begin rolling once more in another month or so.

* In happier MIB 3 news, it appears as though Alice Eve has joined the cast, to play a younger version of the head of the MIB agency in some sort of time travel plot.


* Star Wars and Chewbacca fans can rejoice as Lucasfilm has revealed that Chewbacca will be making an appearance in the season finale of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Click the link for a teaser video of the wookie back in action.

Scoot McNairy

* Scoot McNairy has been cast in Cogan’s Trade, but is also being considered for Prometheus and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.  Not bad for the Monsters star.


*Finally, a comic book has given fans a very close up look at Kilowog from the upcoming Green Lantern movie.  Let’s hope all of the aliens look this good in the movie.

That’s all we have this time around.  Be sure to drop us a line if you come across any news you think should be feature in News Bits.