News Bits: Star Wars, Die Hard 5, Stephen King, Lone Ranger, Jurassic Park, and More!

Gemma Ward

* Gemma Ward and Callan McAuliffe have been cast in Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby adaptation…which for some reason is being shot in 3D.  Gemma Ward was signed for an undisclosed role, but McAuliffe will portray a young version of Jay Gatsby, who is also played by Leo DiCaprio.

Die Hard 5

* A few weeks ago it was announced that several directors were being looked at to helm Die Hard 5, and now it appears as though John Moore has landed the job.  Deadline reports that the director (of blah films like Max Payne and The Omen) has been hired on and filming will take place in Russia before Willis makes RED 2.

George Lucas

* Save Star Wars has a transcript of an interesting speech George Lucas gave to Congress back in 1988, in which he speaks out AGAINST the alteration of older films.

Under the Dome

* Steven Spielberg is now working on bringing an adaptation of Stephen King’s novel Under the Dome to Showtime as an all new TV series.

Transformers blu-ray collection

* France is getting this ridiculously awesome Transformers blu-ray case that will contain all three of the films in the trilogy.  The case itself actually transforms!  How cool is that?

GI Joe Retaliation

* New set pic from GI Joe: Retaliation.

The Lone Ranger

* The plot thickens on the the struggles Disney is having with The Lone Ranger.  With production brought to a halt over Gore Verbinski’s $275 million budget, Disney is trying to restructure.  In doing so, they may actually lose Gore Verbinski as the director.  NOW, Johnny Depp has come out and said that unless Verbinski helms it.  Meaning if the Disney and Gore can’t work something out, Depp is likely to walk as well.  At which point, Disney should just give it up.

The Double

* The poster for Richard Gere and Topher Grace’s The Double has landed.

* Watch this hilarious Captain Planet short from Funny or Die.  We need this movie!

Sienna Guillory

* It’s been confirmed that Sienna Guillory will reprise the role of Jill Valentine in the upcoming Resident Evil: Retribution.

* The lucky bastard over in the UK are celebrating Jurassic Park‘s blu-ray release by re-releasing the first film in theaters for a limited time starting Sept 23rd.  Empire has a trailer for it.