News Bits: The Wolverine, Oz, The Silence, Ben 10, Ghostbusters, Star Wars, & More!

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* Alex Jones has created this ridiculously detailed recreation of the Ghostbusters HQ in Lego Bricks (hit the link for more images).

* Magnolia has acquired the US distribution rights to Norwegian action film, Ragnarok.  The film focuses on an obsessed archeologist who believes an ancient Viking vessel contains the key to the end of the world.


* Want to see the Oscar nominated Life of Pi, but don’t want to wait four weeks to get it on blu-ray?  20th Century Fox has made it available in digital ‘stores’ right now for $15.

* While talking with Entertaiment Tonight, Mark Hamill confirmed that Lucasfilm is currently ‘talking with’ him and the other original members of the cast to return for Star Wars Episode VII, but that they haven’t signed anything yet.  Good to know they’re being talked to though!

* Head over to Yahoo to check out the Red Band trailer for Kiss of the Damned.

* Speaking of trailers, you can also watch the new trailer for the horror film, The Silence, on Apple Trailers.

* The latest clip from Oz the Great and Powerful shows off how to travel by bubble.

* The live-action adaptation of Ben 10 (a popular cartoon featuring a kid who saves the world by transforming into random monsters) has hired Ryan Engle to write the script. 


* Fox dropped a brand new official still from The Wolverine.  I’m not sure what’s going on here, but he’s pissed and clearly about to lay the smackdown on someone.



* Bryan Singer has been posting new images from the production of X-Men: Days of Future Past.  The latest is this still in construction set that looks like the cerebro hallway from earlier films.  He also promises some footage will be at Comic-Con.