News Bits: Waterworld, Warm Bodies, John Dies at the End, A Good Day to Die Hard, and More!

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* Let’s kick things off with a bang, and nothing does that quite like a brand new trailer for A Good Day to Die Hard

* Rumblings of a Waterworld sequel have been around for quite some time and pop up every now and again.  Now supposedly it’s confirmed that Syfy is working with Universal on a REMAKE of the Kevin Costner film.  I’m not listing it as it’s own news post because the news is coming ‘exclusively’ from a relatively unknown site with an unnamed and untrusted source.  So take with a grain of salt. 

* For some reason we never got around to posting this, but if you haven’t seen The Incredible Burt Wonderstone trailer, it’s worth a gander.


* Alternative poster for John Dies at the End.

* Wreck-It Ralph will be hitting blu-ray and DVD on March 5th, but will also be available digitally to own on February 12th

* Django Unchained and Blazing Saddles mash-up.