News Bits: Zorro, Green Lantern, Transformers, Ender’s Game, Twilight, and More!

Green Lantern Banner

* Glad to see the marketing for Green Lantern has really stepped up.  They’ve released this new, and good looking banner that highlights Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps.

* Speaking of Green Lantern, Sony has just given another $9 million to the VFX budget in order to cover all the overtime the artists are getting in trying to finish the effects for the film.

Ender's Game

* Summit has officially purchased Ender’s Game and is bringing Gavin Hood (X-Men Origins: Wolverine) on to direct.  Hood has been working on a script for a while (we announced it on the site), but now that he’s been hired on and Summit is committed to it, we’ll finally see this film moving forward sooner, than later.

Pixar Marvel

* IGN had a chance to sit down and interview John Lasseter (the head of Pixar) and he put down some rumors sure to crush fanboys’ hearts (I know it did mine).  In the interview he said there will be no Pixar/Marvel movie.

Apollo 18

* Apollo 18 has now had 4 release dates.  First it was supposed to release this past March, then it got moved to April, then it got moved to January 2012, and it’s now back in 2011.  Dimension films has now announced that it’s back in 2011 and we’ll be seeing it in the Summer on August 26…

Breaking Dawn

* Because it’s news and I’m a journalist, I have to report this. Twilight Breaking Dawn has had quite a few new pictures come out for the upcoming movie.  Head on over to EW for all of them.

Transformers 3 poster

* A new poster for Transformers Dark of the Moon has come out….pretty swanky looking to me.


* On top of that, if you couldn’t get enough of that latest Transformers 3 trailer, our buds over at CinemanBlend have posted 105 high-res stills from the trailer.


* It looks like Zorro may be seeing another movie incarnation, but he won’t be the swashbuckling time period hero we all know and love.  Fox has a new idea to reboot the Zorro franchise and place the masked hero into the future, and turn him into more of a vigilante wandering a post-apocalyptic future.  So pretty much everything that defined Zorro as a character is being taken away.  Wonderful.

All right that about does it for this week (lots of big stuff happened which we already covered, so it’s a fairly short edition), but if you’ve got something you think deserves a spot on News Bits, be sure to drop a line at [email protected]