Official ‘The Avengers’ Website Launched; First Teaser Poster Revealed

As with just about every comic book movie these days, any news is big news.  With The Avengers making fanboys’ dreams come true next year by bringing together a team of Marvel’s best, any scrap of information has been gobbled up quickly.  I’m sure it’s no coincidence that the official site (visit it here) is going up at the same time Comic Con is opening its doors, but still it’s a treat for eager fans.

The Avengers teaser poster

Yeah…Like I said earlier, this really isn’t anything we haven’t seen before.  I mean, it’s pretty much just the ‘A’ from the official title treatment (which debuted at last year’s SDCC) enlarged.  For me, it’s not that exciting.  I mean, look at all this movie has to offer with all of the superheroes, and all we get is a letter?  Seems quick and cheap to me.  Oh well, it’s official and it’s more than we normally get.

Hopefully SDCC will give us a little more Avengers news outside of this (like the HD version of the teaser trailer that’s been floating around in bootleg form).  Be sure to stay tuned to TMP and we’ll keep you updated.