Awards Watch: James Franco and Anne Hathaway double teaming the 83rd Annual Academy Awards

So, James Franco has been garnering buzz all over the Internet about his performance in Danny Boyle’s 127 Hours.  Apparently, it’s amazing, or at least pretty damn good.  The film is primarily a one man show, with Franco playing the trapped mountain climber who has to do some pretty rough things to stay alive.  It’s one of my most anticipated movies of the year, and I’m sure it’s as good as everyone says it is.  So good, in fact, that the Academy has taken notice.


Which of course leds to an assumed Lead Actor nomination.  And here’s a horrifying question; What if he wins?  And even more horrifying; What if he loses?  That could make the whole night awkward.  Then again, Neil Patrick Harris was able to pull it off last year when he hosted the Emmys, so maybe Franco will be able to as well.


Regardless, this is a very odd choice for hosts, especially considering the past host that the Academy usually vie for.  Obviously, they’re trying to appeal to a younger demographic.  Personally, I think they’re going to fail miserably.  Bring back the comedians and talk show hosts, Academy.  You’re going to need them.