Pacific Rim 2 Gets a Title as Filming Begins

The road to Pacific Rim‘s sequel has been a long and winding one, with many doubting it would ever finally come to pass.  However, the purchase of Legendary Pictures by Wanda, gave the Kaiju fighting sequel new life.  Soon a new writer and director were brought on board, and casting got underway.  

While I’ve been critical of Pacific Rim (mostly due to how much hope I had for it), what little we’ve heard about it has me more interested than previously.  Today, sees the start of filming on Pacific Rim and the movie’s primary actor, John Boyega, took to instagram to mark the occasion with a picture of the script’s cover.  


If the title, Pacific Rim: Maelstrom, sounds familiar it’s because that was the original title being bandied about when it was initially announced, before it’s subsequent removal from the release slate.  So the name is the same, but for the time being, we don’t know what else will be kept from Guillermo del Toro’s original sequel ideas.  We know many of the original cast isn’t planning on returning (not a bad thing in my opinion), so it sounds like we could be starting fresh with this monster flick.  

Either way, the sequel is now in production with a release still slated for February 23, 2018.  Are you guys excited about Pacific Rim: Maelstrom