Pacific Rim 2 Moving Forward With a New Director

The saga of Pacific Rim 2 continues.  Last we heard about the troubled project, Universal had pulled the monster battling sequel from it’s release slate and it was on “indefinite hold”.  Considering the fact so many people weren’t sure it was going to happen at all, it was a disheartening blow to fans.  Then something happened…Wanda, a Chinese company (where Pacific Rim did VERY well) bought out Legendary Entertainment.  

It seems that purchase may have very well saved Pacific Rim 2 from disappearing into the Rift.  Last night came word from Deadline that Pacific Rim 2 is back on with a new director at the helm, Steven DeKnight.  While it will be his first feature debut, fans will know him best as the creator of the Spartacus series, and more recently the first season of Daredevil.  

Guillermo del Toro will still be on board to produce the film, but when Pacific Rim 2 was put on the back burner, he moved on to other projects.  While that may be a bummer for fans, at least he wasn’t ousted from the project.  To be honest…I’m actually more interested now that del Toro is out as director.  While I love his work, he seemed to do far more world-building in the first movie, than actually telling an interesting story with engaging characters.  Maybe this change in helmers will give us a better overall movie.  

There’s no new release date for Pacific Rim 2, but with a new director set perhaps it’ll get fast-tracked back into place.  As always, we’ll be keeping you posted!