Pacific Rim 2 Will Begin Filming in November

I can honestly say, that back before its release, Pacific Rim was one of my most anticipated movies…then it came out.  I was more than just a little disappointed.  The action was fun, but the story was paper thin and the characters did little to make you care about them.  Even so, it managed to make enough money to warrant a sequel and it’s slated to come out on August 4, 2017

It’s still a couple years away, but while at SDCC this weekend, director Guillermo del Toro revealed in an interview with Yahoo, that he’s currently hard at work on the project: 

“We are deep into designing the robots, the kaijus…having fun planning the battles. We have an epic battle at the end of this that we started to design a couple of weeks ago. We’ve been up for about three or four months designing, and we start shooting in November.”

But that’s not all, he also went on to confirm that filming on the movie would start this November, so things are certainly moving quickly.  While the first movie let me down, I’m crossing my fingers that the sequel can pull things together.  What do you guys think?