Paramount and Hasbro Announce Dates for G.I. Joe, Micronauts, and Dungeons and Dragons

A Twitter account managed by Jeff Bock is claiming that Paramount Studios and Hasbro are about to reboot the G.I. Joe franchise while introducing popular properties such as Micronauts, Dungeons and Dragons, and another unannounced one. IDW comics has been seeing a lot of success with these in their comics so I can see why this is a good choice handled properly. Let’s face it, 80’s stuff is hot right now with songs showing up in films and shows like Stranger Things hitting a lot of key demographics. I am that child of the 80’s too so I honestly love this news if it’s true.

The first one is an untitled property planned for October 1st, 2021. Right now M.A.S.K., Visionaries, Action Man, and ROM The Space Knight are in that big IDW crossover universe. And as we’ve seen combined universe movies are popular, and here’s my caveat, if they are handled properly. With two successful crossovers under their belt IDW has done it so let’s take note Paramount before saying what you’re going to do differently.


July 23rd, 2021 will see Dungeons and Dragons brought to the big screen. As a current D&D player after not having experienced the joy of tabletop I wonder how this one will be taken. I tell you though, that 80’s cartoon was very popular.


October 16th, 2020 has one of the best toylines ever coming to the screen with Micronauts. At the time the 3 inch figures had interchangeable parts and great vehicles. The comics have done a good job updating and expanding this property and I think it can be successful with a toy line accompanying it.


And March 27th 2020 will see a rebooted G.I Joe series to coincide with this universe, because that series totally needs one.  I could write an entire article on why but let’s skip an angry nerd’s musings and just please give me a new G.I Joe and let’s move on from mistakes of the past, I’m ready to love you again.


So there you have it guys as of writing this the story is breaking on Entertainment Weekly and Variety. While I’m not all in yet I’m ready to get hype if you guys give me reason to.

-Jason The X

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