Paul Feig Signs On For Monster Movie Dark Army

Universal Pictures has brought on Paul Feig to write/direct a new monster movie called Dark Army that may utilize some classic monsters…

While Paul Feig’s next film, Last Christmas, hits later this Fall, it looks like he’s already lined up his next endeavor. According to Deadline, the direct to take the reigns (and write the script) for an all new monster movie over at Universal.

Dark Army is apparently based on an original idea from Feig, but Deadline’s sources say the film will utilize some of the classic monsters from Universal’s library, while incorporating all new ones. Presumably this could be tied into Universal’s Monster Universe that continues to stumble getting off the ground, but only time will tell.

As a fan of monster movies and Paul Feig in general, this project has definitely piqued my interest and I’ll have to keep a close eye on it.