Pitch Your Own Movie Ideas in New Card Game, Cinema Of Attractions

Over the last couple years, as we’ve worked hard to get Cinelinx: The Game into the hands of movie-lovers all over the world, and develop expansions for it, we have also been crafting ideas for a NEW card game as well.  All that development, and experience gathered from our first game, has been put to good use and we’re now ready to fully announce Cinema of Attractions.  

The development on the game is done and we have plans to ship in November of this year (even have a guarantee for it, I’ll talk about in a bit).  All we need at this point is funding to help put it into full production.  As such, we’re once again turning to Kickstarter in order to meet our production goals and get this into the hands of movie lovers/gamers everywhere.  

Where Cinelinx plays out a little bit more like a trivia/knowledge based card game, Cinema of Attractions doesn’t require memorization; just on your feet thinking.  Here’s a simple explanation of the core game idea (though there’s a more complete breakdown of how it works on our Kickstarter page): 

Cinema of Attractions is a satirical party game from the creators of the Cinelinx card game.  In Cinema of Attractions, you play the role of a FILMMAKER pitching high concept films to a STUDIO in hopes of snagging the proverbial Green-Light.  You’ll have to balance telling a great story without relying too much on spectacle if you want your idea greenlit. 

The idea is to come take a fun (and funny) look at how the film industry generates their movie ideas, but putting that power into the hands of our players.  Not only can you make up your own story ideas, you’ll get the chance to grade and choose which movies (from your friends) get to go on and hit the “big screen”.  It’s a blast and our many hours of playtesting have resulted in laugh out loud moments and plenty of wackiness.  

We’ve designed the game to be easily accessible to all kinds of players, so even if you’re not an avid movie enthusiast, it’s something you can quickly pick up and play with your friends, regardless of card game skill level (or movie knowledge).  If you’re a more seasoned card game player, however, there are optional play methods available to dive deeper into the layers of strategy possible.  Regardless of your level of skill when it comes to games, Cinema of Attractions is still exciting and enjoyable.  

COA Prototype

This time around, we’re asking for $16,000 in order to put Cinema of Attractions into full production, and we have until June 17th to make it happen. Of course, it being KickStarter, your support is not without benefits.  Multiple tiers of backer rewards run the gamut from the full base game for only $25, which will also include a KS backer ONLY mini-expansion.  There’s also the option to get in on our first full expansion (the Red Band pack) for only $10 extra, plus many MORE rewards at various levels.  As the campaign progresses, we have more goodies planned, but only if we can reach certain goals (you can check out how that money will be spent (along with full backer rewards over on the campaign page). 

The last couple of years have been spent researching, playtesting, and making sure it’s something movie fans of all types, and tabletop gamers, will enjoy playing over and over again.  Combined with our experience in making the original Cinelinx Game, we’re even offering up a special GUARANTEE to backers.  If we don’t ship out the game by November 2016 of this year…We’re offering full backer refunds (barring acts of God).  

We’re coming to Kickstarter for a reason, as we simply don’t have the funds to bring this to full production.  As such, we’re putting our butts on the line to make this guarantee.  So rest assured, we’ll be working our rears off to ensure a timely release for our backers.  

We’ll have more and more updates as the Kickstarter campaign progresses, so be sure to throw us your support to keep up to date on everything.  At the very least, be sure to head on over to the funding page and throw us a like/share in order to let all of your movie-loving friends know about it.  

-The Cinelinx Team