Portal 2 Includes Interactive Super 8 Trailer

Well because the developers behind Portal 2 have teamed up with the film makers behind Super 8 to give us a rather unique experience. When you pick up your copy of Portal 2, head into the extra’s menu and scroll all the way down. There you will find an “Interactive Super 8 Trailer” for your liking. If this got you as excited as it got me, you probably stopped reading by now.

However baring I still have your interest or you happen to be stuck at work, I will tell you what it is. This “trailer” is actually the game version of the movie. It takes place inside of the train that explodes in the theatrical trailer. You are able to wonder around and look at a few documents, I am sure something more is here but I have yet to find it. The train then explodes and you black out and end up wondering around the debris. You follow the pretty straightforward trail until you come to the container that has something break out of it. However they play games with us as we still don’t see what breaks out of it, instead we just hear more noises and black out again.

Can they possibly tease us any further?