Possible Female Lead Heading To Sony’s Spider-Man Universe

Yep you read that right, Sony has plans to push a female hero related to Spider-Man in a 2017 spot, but who will it be? The obvious answer to me is that it will be Black Cat (Felicia Hardy). Not only a fan favorite in the comics, but she has a rather deep and interesting origin story that would make for a great film. You also have to realize that Marvel has been using Black Cat a lot in the comics (more so Felicia), and often times Marvel hints at possible films by doing so. Oh, and there is one other important factor…. she was already intoduced in the previous film! If you read into her origin, it is rather dark and twisted, which makes her overall awesome. The character she had in the film was somewhat secretive though and didn’t expand much, so it’d be easy to turn it around and make an impact. 

Other characters would be Spider-Woman, Silver Sable, Amazing Spider-Girl, and Stunner. Personally of these the only ones i’m comfortable with are Silver Sable and Stunner. Spider-Woman could be cool, but I would like to call it something else. The entire idea behind it to begin with was to simply get the name copyrighted under Marvel (since characters galore were releasing at the time) and nothing more. There really isn’t a purpose behind it. Spider-Woman is a mix bag to be honest and has changed so many times that the only good thing about it is they could make a movie completely on their own and not really make anyone mad about following comics. Maybe I’m just purely not a fan who knows. 

Amazing Spider-Girl requires an MJ/Peter Parker storyline that we don’t have, and probably will never get. There goes that idea, unless they create an alternate timeline somehow. Now to the two I do like are simply awesome. Silver Sable is basically a pretty cool female Punisher in a way, but hasn’t really been around a lot as of late. Marvel could change that. Stunner is awesome because I’m a big Scarlet Spider fan, perhaps if we could get Stunner noticed then we could also get Scarlet Spider noticed? Who knows? 

If it comes down to it, I’m all for a Black Cat film. I think it would be interesting to all audience and would put a unique spin on a Spider-Man film! What are stories you would like to see?