Poster Madness: Men in Black 3, Frankenweenie, Brave, & John Carter

Pixar has released a new one-sheet for their upcoming movie Brave, and while it’s something we’ve seen a few times already in their marketing, it’s still pretty awesome to look at:

Pixar's Brave poster

Next up is Men in Black 3…and I’m a little underwhelmed.  I get it that having Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones back together is a big selling point for the film, but they shouldn’t base the entirety of their marketing on it.  It’s what we got with the last two posters and the only thing really different in this one is the inclusion of Brolin.  I was hoping they could have been a lot more creative:

Men in Black 3 Poster

Disney sent us the first poster for Tim Burton’s animated FrankenWeenie and for some strange reason, I really love it.  It’s simple, doesn’t show much, but it seems perfect for the film and Burton’s style.  It really makes me want to see this film:

FrankenWeenine official Poster

Not much to say about the next one, but it’s a Mondo poster from J.C. Richard for John Carter.  They’ll be given away for free at midnight IMAX screenings of the film.  It’s incredibly awesome and I wish Disney had come up with it.  Maybe then people wouldn’t be complaining so much about their marketing strategy.

John Carter Mondo poster

There was an image circulating around the web just yesterday that supposedly showed off the new Avengers poster, but that’s since disappeared.  I managed to see it before it got taken down, and I hope Marvel isn’t going with it as their final design.  Hopefully we’ll have an official one for you soon.  In the meantime, what do you guys think of these posters?


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