Poster Madness: New posters for Harry Potter, Tree of Life, and Hangover: Part II

Let’s start this off with the first official poster for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II.

Potter vs. Voldemort

I like the feel of this poster, and it does a great job of teasing the epic finale.  Sort of reminds me of a poster for a boxing or wrestling competition for two heavyweights.  To think this was once for children.  Easily the darkest poster we’ve seen yet.  This film is going to be awesome, or at least I hope so.  Well, we’ll soon find out when the film opens this July.

Next up is a new one sheet for Tree of Life:

Terrance Malick

Lot of things going on in this poster.  While it may seem muddled, it certainly promises that this film will be epic in scope and dealing with a lot of subjects.  I have faith in you, Terrance Malick.  I’m sure you won’t dissapoint.

And finally, here’s the official poster for The Hangover: Part II:

The Wolfpack is Back

Very similar to what we saw from the advertising campaign for the first Hangover. I like the color palate of this film, though. While the first was bright and vibrant like Vegas, this one seems more dirty and cheap.  And that monkey is going to be front and center in this advertising campaign, I’m sure.  We shall see more of The Hangover: Part II this week when the new trailer is released.  Until then, I leave you with the question…where’s Doug?

[All images featured in this article comes courtesy of /Film]