Poster Madness: Skyfall, Anchorman 2, and Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

Funny enough, it just so happens that all of these posters turned out to be teaser posters for the films.  Still, considering they are each for films fans have been wanting for quite some time, it’s nice to have official marketing to confirm they are in fact real.  Let’s kick off with the first poster for the newest James Bond flick, Skyfall:

Skyfall Poster

Considering how much trouble MGM went through just to get this movie made (it was canceled for some time), it’s a smart move to go with such iconic Bond imagery.  This way fans can be happy to finally see something James Bond related again, and casual movie-goers will recognize it as well.  Next up is Anchorman 2:

Anchorman 2 Poster

I guess this means The Legend Continues is the official title for the film.  Works for me, but I’m surprised there wasn’t a bigger announcement about that somewhere down the line.  Considering this film doesn’t officially have a script yet (just an outline and story treatment), it’s kind of crazy to be getting a teaser poster.  Oh well, as long as I’ve waited for this film to finally happen it’s nice to see something official for it.  As a side note, count the legs in the image….someone appears to be missing a leg.  What’s up with that?  Lastly, Sin City 2:

A Dame to Kill For poster

Fans of Frank Miller’s Sin City have been adamant for a sequel for quite some time.  Robert Rodriguez has been hinting at it and talking about it for several years, yet nothing was happening.  Now it’s got the official greenlight, is filming soon, a fancy new title (A Dame to Kill For) and this teaser poster.  My guess is they put this out there for the fans just to keep them sated, and reassure everyone that it’s actually happening. 

To be honest, none of these posters really ‘grabs’ me.  They’re all very simple in design, which makes sense being that they are teasers.  Still, it’s nice to see something official for films many have been waiting a while for.