Power Rangers Movie Casts Alpha 5

First, Elizabeth Banks was cast as the villain, Rita Repulsa.  Then, Bryan Cranston was picked to be the Power Rangers‘ mentor, Zordon.  Now, Bill Hader has been given the keys to the command center as he has been selected to play Alpha 5!

Hader is a wise choice as his extensive resume shows a career of creating unique voices and perfect delivery.  With limited time remaining, until its release, it’s fair to assume that Hader’s contributions will be solely through voice.  The question remains will it be a CGI’d Alpha or will there be someone in the suit, as was in the original series?

The Power Rangers Movie social media account has been busy, as of late.  Just yesterday, they released movie posters that teased the Rangers’ MegaZords

The Power Rangers Movie hits theaters March 24, 2017!

What do you think of the casting?