Prometheus 2 Production Begins in January 2016

Ridley Scott is a busy busy man, nowadays.  This fall he has The Martian coming out, a crime drama with Leonardo DiCaprio, and Blade Runner 2.  With all these big time movies in the works, somehow Scott has found a way to do a sequel to the Alien prequel, Prometheus.

Prometheus 2 will be in production starting in January of 2016. This news comes via Total Film.

While many of us would surmise that Prometheus 2 would follow the events from the first one, Scott isn’t looking to immediately follow up with the Aliens theme. In fact, he has said that he wants to introduce new aliens and move away from Xenomorphs.  

There is no word yet if Michael Fassbender or Noomi Rapace will be returning. However, one would think in order to do a direct sequel, you’d have to have the two remaining survivors around.

Don’t forget, though, Fox also has Neill Blomkamp’s Aliens movie in the works as well.  While unlikely to directly impede with one and other, we could be seeing two “Aliens” movies coming out in relatively close proximity.

What do you think about Prometheus 2?