[Updated] Promo Posters for The Avengers, The Amazing Spider-Man, Dark Knight Rises, and More Revealed!

Before you get too excited, it’s important to remember that the point of the licensing expo is to get vendors and investors interested in properties.  This way they get picked up and can be marketed around to bigger audiences.  So for the most part, any images that come out of the event are just there to get the brand name out.  They aren’t going to be full posters or even official marketing materials.  They are there for a purpose.

Even so, the studios are pushing some really big films at this year’s event, and since a lot of people are looking forward to these films (myself included) it’s exciting to see just about anything.  Since these are going to be pretty close to official-ish logos and title treatments for the movies, they are neat to look at.

Dark Knight Rises licensing promo poster

We’ll kick things off with a little Batman action.  While this isn’t directly The Dark Knight Rises, it does allude to it.  So don’t get all excited thinking that they’ve changed the name or anything.  Still, it’s a pretty neat piece of work.  I can’t be sure, but does this suit look different?  Perhaps this is based on some TDKR concept art?

DC Universe

Pretty much letting interested parties know that DC isn’t all about just Batman and Superman.  Hopefully Green Lantern will see success and more of DC’s work can hit the big screen.

The Avengers movie poster

While it’s just artwork….it’s still pretty damn exciting to see something official from the studios on The Avengers.  I mean, we’ve gotten plenty of cool fan made posters, but nothing but a logo from Marvel.  Exciting to see!  [Updated in Higher quality]

Amazing Spider-Man Poster

Men In Black 3 logo

Yeah, I know these are kind of small, but these are by far the cleanest versions you’ll find.  While these posters really don’t show off much more than the title, it’s still the first look at any official logo on these films.  Interesting to see how Spider-Man has changed fonts from the Raimi style, but it’s still nice.  I’m also really hoping they stick with the MIB3 logo.  I mean, originally it was going to be MIB3D, which is just stupid looking.  This works much better.

Movie Logos

Finally, this is just a smattering of random logos for upcoming Paramount films.  Nothing too exciting here, but still neat to see. The Expo is going on all this week, and if anything big does go down at the event, TMP will fill you in on all the details.