Ratchet And Clank Movie Gets Additional Cast

The cool thing behind the movie was that the original voice actors from the game are also doing the movie. James Arnold Taylor as Ratchet and David Kaye as Clank for example, but being honest they are not really big name brands. If it’s one thing Hollywood knows, it’s that if you attach a popular name to a movie it then creates easy marketing. Those celebrities then do interviews etc… and promote the movie.

Well that is what happened today as the studio behind the film has announced Paul Giamatti, John Goodman, Bella Thorne, Sylvester Stallone, and Rosario Dawson have all joined the cast of the movie for additional characters. The film is being directed by Kevin Munroe (TMNT) and written by TJ Fixman, who wrote the  series for Insomniac.

It’s a fairly good cast as they have voiced popular animated movies before, and obviously the blend with the actual people from the games is always a plus. This is sounding like it will be a good movie, but so far it has been held under wraps for some time. It was announced in 2013, vanished for a while, then came back earliy this year for test screenings. It will be hitting more test screenings internationally soon, but so far we don’t have a release date set. The original release time frame was “early 2015.”

Perhaps we will hear more at E3? What do you think?