[UPDATED] Realizing There Is Still Money To Be Had, Michael Bay Returns to Direct Transformers 4

Honestly, it was only a matter of time.  Transformers is one of the biggest franchises in the world at this point, and it was all so apparent that Paramount would want to make another one after the massive success of Dark of the Moon.  The only thing that was really in doubt was if director Michael Bay would return for another go around.  Most of the time, he was pretty nonchalant about the issue; when he was asked the question, he would usually shrug it off and pretty much say “whatever happens, happens.” Well, something happened!

Transformers 4

Vulture is reporting that Michael Bay is in final talks to return for a fourth outing in the Transformers franchise.  We’ve known for a while that Bay was hoping to film a smaller film before even considering another Transformers.  That film was recently revealed to be Pain and Gain, which will have a budget of $20 million and potentially star Dwayne Johnson and/or Mark Walberg.  Well apparently, Transformers 4 is operating as an ends to a mean, because Paramount has agreed to finance Pain and Gain if (and only if) Bay makes another Transformers.

And at this point, why wouldn’t he?  Transformers is a sure fire paycheck and if it gets him the chance to make his passion project, I wouldn’t blame him for taking the job. And honestly, the Transformers franchise is perfectly suited for Michael Bay.  It’s stupid, dumb fun that has the potential for a lot of kickass, robot-on-robot action.  And if not Bay, who?  Who else could make a mindless, dumb, yet technically awesome action movie?  Well, a lot of people, but nowhere near as good as Michael Bay.’

Transformers 4

We already know that Mr. Shia LaBeouf isn’t returning for the franchise, but who knows about the rest of the actors.  Could they potentially “moved up” to lead role status?  I mean, I can picture Josh Duhamel potentially taking the reigns.  That said, chances are, Bay or whoever else gets the director gig will probably just cast a new actor.  But who could possibly measure up to Shia “Nooooo” LaBeouf?  Tell us who you think could take over the franchise now.  And all Megan Fox comments will be deleted.  Just to let you know.

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