Redbox upgrades to Blu-ray this Summer

Combining the best of both world’s with the lower prices offered through Netflix and the instant gratification of having the DVD in hand like Blockbuster, the Redbox has changed the movie rental world.  It’s growing success was actually one of the contributing factors in bringing down the other movie rental giant Movie Gallery.  It looks like they’re now aiming to take things even further.

Redbox president Mitch Lowe has confirmed that they’ll be bringing the option of Blu-ray rentals to their kiosks for a mere $1.50 a night.  That’s all.  When you compare to Blockbuster’s night rental as being $3 that’s looking incredibly cheap.  With Blu-ray discs still selling in the stores for $26-$30 this is a great alternative for the fans who’ve already shelled out some cash for the player.  Now this service will be on top of DVD rentals; it’s not replacing them.  They’ll be sold side-by-side. 

You can expect to start seeing Blu-rays hitting the kiosks within the next few months but don’t expect to see the newest releases.  The deal the company recently finalized with Universal Studios and 20th Century Fox will remain in place for Redbox Blu-ray distribution.  The contract stated that they would delay renting out DVDs until at least 28 days after they have been on regular sale.