Resident Evil Director May Do Another Video Game Movie

Resident Evil: Retribution

What Paul W.S. Anderson did with Resident Evil was show the world that a video game was in fact a valid basis for an entertaining movie. In fact, you could go as far as saying that no one else since that initial film 10 years ago has really managed to transform a video game to the big screen as successfully, including Anderson himself when he directed two of the sequels.


Now, it appears, Anderson may be getting the chance to try again. This time, though, he is trading in the Resident Evil video game franchise for another. The 47 year old director is now showing interest in becoming involved in a movie based on the Monster Hunter franchise. These games are more open-ended and (as you can probably guess based on the title) involve the player searching for and hunting various monsters.

Unlike the Resident Evil franchise, there is no firm story from which writers can extract a movie plot (not that they really did that for most of the Resident Evil movies…). Those of you that sat through Anderson’s last movie, The Three Musketeers may be able to attest that this could be good news as Anderson is not known for being able to maintain or even construct anything that resembles a story. Anderson does action, violence, and stunts. Monster Hunter should give him plenty of opportunity to do those things.


Right now, Anderson’s latest film Resident Evil: Retribution has just hit theaters, and he just finished another sequel to one of his previous films, Death Race: Inferno, which is also expected to be released this year. That means that Anderson’s plate is empty for the moment and he should be able to jump onto his next project right away. A 2014 release date is not out of the question.