Riddick Sequel Following Pitch Black With Revamp

The new movie is called simply “Riddick” and is a direct sequel to Pitch Black with very little, if any, references to Chronicles of Riddick. Along with that the movie is also noted to make Riddick more of a badass and ten times more brutal than the other films. The news is being regarded as a rumor for now, but with Vin stating its happening and other sources leading to it, why not get excited?

It seems certain sources have already had a good look at the script, and it sounds rather awesome. Of course what couldn’t make the movie sound awesome? The movie is centered around another barren planet with both monsters and people wanting the man dead. There will be quick roles for returning characters, but mostly new people including some eye candy.

This all sounds awesome to me. With production value set aside, Pitch Black was a rather interesting movie with a good concept. With today’s budgets and amazing acting and visuals, another Riddick movie could easily be one of the most coolest things we see. Add in the horror aspects and you have me interested! Even better news is it is following the likes of Pitch Black and not Chronicles, which is a good sign that they know what is good. Perhaps we will get another kick ass video game out of this as well? If you haven’t read my previous article, well it was one of the first games that outshined the movie.