Rihanna confirmed for ‘Battleship’

I know what you’re thinking about this one.  Seriously?  However crazy this may sound, it is the truth.  It’s been reported that Rihanna will make her film debut in Peter Berg’s Battleship, and will be featured alongside Taylor Kitsch and Alexander Skarsgard.  Hmm..do I detect a publicity tactic to use her popularity to gain views?  We are talking about a film seeming to be loosely based on the Battleship board game with a dose of aliens.

Kitsch will be playing a naval officer, and Skarsgard has claimed the role of his brother.  The details of her part have not been divulged, yet, but it is doubtful that the whole project will be centered around her.  She may be popular, but she’s no Beyonce Knowles and this will not be an Obsessed plotline.  The film may not sound too exciting, but I’m sure Berg is not trying to commit cinematical suicide.  We will see if the song bird has what it takes to pull it off as the release date (which has not been set) draws closer.