Robocop Returns Finds a New Director

MGM has landed on a new director to helm their upcoming Robocop sequel, which will serve as a direct sequel to Paul Verhoeven’s original film. 

Back in August, Neill Blomkamp revealed he had departed Robocop Returns, despite having already put in quite a bit of work on the project. MGM wasn’t eager to give up on the project and quickly went to work finding someone else to take it on…And now they have.

THR reports that Abe Forsythe, who most recently directed Little Monsters with Lupita Nyong’o (which debuted on Hulu), will take the helm. Forsythe will also be reworking the script, though the story is expected to remain the same.

Along the lines of Halloween’s recent reboot, Robocop Returns will be a direct sequel to the original film and completely ignore all the previously released sequels. Of course, it will also completely ignore MGM’s last reboot/remake attempt in 2014.

There’s still no word on when we might expect to see Robocop Returns on the big screen, but with them going back to the script, it probably won’t be as soon as we’d hoped. What do you think of this director swap? Are you still excited for the return of this franchise?