Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Gets a New Poster, Trailer Tomorrow

So yeah I love Star Wars, X-Wings, lightsabers, hate Jar Jar and Ewoks we’ve established all that.  Today brings a new poster and word on the upcoming trailer, which has my throat raw and scratchy from screaming WOOOOO!  The last trailer was impressive and every time I see the one they have now I get chills.  Seriously, when Donnie Yen gives his “All is as the Force wills it” line I lose it.

Moving on from my fanboy babbling our Editor in Chief went out on Twitter with this the other day, which is interesting as we now have confirmation that we’ll be getting the trailer tomorrow morning:



On top of that we get a poster for the new film that just looks awesome to me. Just look at it. Look closely by the way because yes we know he’s in it but Darth Vader himself is on the poster.


See this is why we hate Jordan, because we don’t know what he knows and what he may be pulling out of his exhaust port. He’s been right before and that kills me at times. Well it looks like it has been confirmed that the movie will have a trailer tomorrow. I hate when he’s right, but certainly won’t complain about a new trailer. 

Rogue One A Star Wars Story releases December 16, 2016.

-Jason The X

 Excuse me while I tune up my throat for more WOOing tomorrow.