Rumor Control: Is JGL Actually Azrael in The Dark Knight Rises?

I can understand why so much speculation has surrounded JGL’s character.  It’s hard to believe Chris Nolan would relegate him to a minor role of a simple cop.  That’s why many have felt from the beginning that Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character was someone else entirely.  The most common rumor seems to be that he’s actually Dick Grayson and destined to be Robin (or even Nightwing).  Those are somewhat plausible I suppose.

JGL in Dark Knight Rises

The official descriptions of John Blake (the character) says that he’s a cop assigned to bring in the Batman, but eventually joins in the fight to help save Gotham.  So he could be a partner with Batman in some way, shape, or form.  This newest rumor has my interest piqued, but don’t hold your breath for it either.  This is coming from a source on ComicBookMovie who supposedly works at WizKids, the makers of the popular Heroclix game.  It’s been known for a while that Heroclix is working on a line of figures from all of the Nolan Batman films, including the unreleased Dark Knight Rises and they showcased some of them at ToyFair…but apparently one was hidden for a reason.

According to the source, the figure was kept hidden away because of the detailed character description that gives away a big secret…John Blake is Azrael:

“A hard-nosed young Gotham beat cop who is assigned to a special task unit to take down the vigilante known as “The Batman” becomes an unlikely ally to the Dark Knight. When the mercenary known as “Bane” breaks the prisoners out of Blackgate Prison, the city becomes overrun and Blake takes the codename of “Azrael” to help Batman stop Bane.”


The guy couldn’t provide any proof beyond the description, but it’s an interesting possibility.  That would be sticking to the Bane source material pretty closely, yet also sounds like a more realistic take on it, as Nolan is prone to do.  I’m not saying I believe it, but it’s plausible.  I’m sure we’ll keep hearing rumors right up until it premieres, but I’ll try and only post the more thought-provoking ones.