Rumor Control: Ninja Turtles to Begin Filming Soon?

When Michael Bay announced the Turtles would no longer be mutants, but aliens, people let their complaints be known…loudly.  Now the film has a new title, simply “Ninja Turtles” and Jonathan Liebesman is still attached to direct.  Like I said, after all that went down, information on the film came to a halt. 


Now it looks as though the studios are currently scouting out locations in the hopes to start filming soon.  This comes from CBM who says that word is spreading throughout the Vancouver casting and production companies that the film is slated to begin filming soon (possibly in the fall) for a December 2013 release date. 

That matches up with just about all of the confirmed information we have on the film.  We know they want to release it in December of next year, which means they will need to start filming fairly soon.  Especially considering the Turtles will be brought to life via mo-cap CGI (like with Rise of the Planet of the Apes), which will take time to do correctly. Even so, I’m still listing this as a rumor, as no official word on when filming will begin (hell, we haven’t even heard of any casting yet!) has happened yet.