Rumor Control: [Update] Pirates of the Caribbean 5 to Begin Filming This November?

[Update: Well it turns out I was right to put this under Rumor Control.  I’ve got word from Disney and, yup, the story isn’t true.  Here’s the official word from Disney:

“Project is in development, but this story isn’t accurate.”

Not a lot of info obviously, but it’s a flat out denial of this story.  The original article follows below.]

I’m filing this under Rumor Control right now, because there isn’t any official word from Disney yet.  I’ve reached out to our Disney PR reps, and will hopefully hear from them soon.  But Caribbean Business PR, a business website, is reporting that Puerto Rico, hot off the heels of the Governor signing a big new film tax break, has lured the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

Traditionally the films have shot at Hawaii, but this new report is saying Puerto Rico will now be the main filming location, and that production is set to begin this November.  That’s only a couple months away, and so far, there’s been very little news about the film.  We knew a script had been written (and re-written) but since then all has been quite.  Bruckhiemer has been busy on The Lone Ranger, and no one seems quite sure who is directing it.

So it’s hard to say exactly how accurate this is.  I mean, Pirates is a very big franchise.  Disney is keen to promote it as much as possible, so if it is filming this year, it seems odd that we haven’t heard anything about it yet.  Perhaps it means they’re simply beginning constructing the movie sets in November, but won’t film for a little bit…Who knows?  Either way, even though this seems fairly legit, let’s all take it with a grain of salt until we get some official word on it.