Rumor Control: Supposed Director’s List for Justice League Makes Me Want to Cry

Justice League needs to be done right.  Marvel already set the bar incredibly high for superhero team up movies with this year’s Avengers, and if WB comes out with a sub-par JL movie, fans already jaded from poor DC movie outings may just give up altogether.  So it’s very important that they have a great script, and a powerful director that can pull it off.  The latest scuttlebut now has me very worried about that the director will suck. 

Peter Georgiou from ThinkMcFlyThink posted on his twitter that he’d received word from a source that a list of directors were being considered by WB for the JL movie.  Among those named are The Wachowskis, Brett Ratner, Zack Snyder, Ruben Fleischer,and McG.  Yeah…Snyder Fliescher and the Wachowskis are perfectly okay choices with me, and I think they’d all do a really good job with it.  They make some good films.  The ones that make me want to cry are McG and Ratner.


Seriously, we want the man who botched X-Men The Last Stand (Ratner) to handle another important comic book property?  Maybe we’d get Chris Tucker as the Green Lantern!  I can’t say I hate McG’s films entirely, but he’s not nearly strong enough for Justice League.  I mean, this is all rumor for now, but if WB is even considering these two, I worry about their frame of mind.  Guess I’ll have to cross my fingers that one of the others will be picked instead.

How do you guys feel about this?