Rumor Control: The Next Batman Will Appear in Justice League First

This report comes from Batman-On-Film, who’s trusted source got some info on the upcoming Batman reboot.  Word is that Warner Bros. is planning on introducing their new Batman via the Justice League movie, and then continue with that character in a solo film afterwards. 

Justice League Movie

While it’s just rumor for now, so take it with a grain of salt, this seems pretty logical to me.  WB has talked about bringing Justice League to the big screen in 2015.  They’ve been trying for a long time, and with a script finished they’re more than likely looking to get this underway sooner rather than later.  With Man of Steel coming in 2013, that wouldn’t really leave them much time between now and 2015 to push out another Batman film to lead into Justice League.  

I mean, any Batman film they did make in that time frame would feel incredibly rushed, and likely wouldn’t be up to the high standards now established for the character.  So introducing him in the team up film, and then letting him branch off into more solo movies makes some sense.  


Personally, I feel that’s the smartest way to handle the rebooted Batman.  Let’s face it, in a Justice League movie (much like in Avengers) no particular character is going to be the main character.  It’s just not possible.  So introducing a new Batman would work as they wouldn’t have to delve too deeply into his own personal characterization, allowing whichever director picks up the solo film a level of freedom to impose his own vision while remaining in the DC cinematic universe already established.  

On top of that, introducing him in a Justice League movie, with other characters and an entirely separate universe gives audiences who’ve only had a few years since the end of Nolan’s trilogy the chance to disassociate the two characters.  Then it doesn’t feel so much like a reboot, as it does a re-imagining.  Thus the solo movie would have even more separation from Nolan’s films, making them easier for fans to accept and take in.   

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see, but I could see this one being completely true.  Hopefully we’ll get some more official information soon.  In the mean time, what do you guys think of this possibility?