Rumor Control: What Exactly is ‘Star Wars: Identities’?

Honestly, who knows what is REALLY happening over at the Lucas camp.  Other than slaving away needlessly on 3D conversions of his previous films (in addition to counting his endless stacks of money), Lucas has been relatively quiet since Revenge of the Sith. If anything, he serves more as a supervisor for the overall universe, not really dabbling in it anymore himself.  Except Ewok blinking of course.  That stuff is important.

But when something new from LucasFilm is revealed, you can believe the Star Wars nerd in all of us get curious.  Which is what is pretty much happening right now with Star Wars: identities. The first report of the domain registration came courtesy of Fusible, which has all the technical stuff over at their website.  But the important thing is this; LucasFilm has SOMETHING new coming out.  And as geeks, it’s our jobs to find out before an official announcement!


Honestly, I don’t think it is a new film series like everyone else is speculating.  If it is, that is one awful title.  Which leaves two big possabilites, really.  A) It’s the title for the TV show we’ve heard so much about but have yet to see anything of or B) It’s a property we’ve heard nothing about.  Which could mean that it’s entirely possible that Identities will be a new video game from LucasArts.  Honestly, I would buy that more than a new movie series.  It seems Star Wars has really been making its biggest punch in video games for the past couple years, so that would be my guess.

[Editor’s Update: Our friends over at Eurogamer spoke with their LucasArts representative and got confirmation that it was NOT a new video game.  They couldn’t say what it was/is, but they said Identities wasn’t related to LucasArts…]

But what do you think?  What is this mysterious Star Wars: Identities?