Rumor: Dreamworks To Be Dropped By Paramount?

Paramount has recently announced they are opening their own Paramount Animation studio. The first film from this studio will hit theaters in 2014. This means Paramount will join the likes of every other studio except WB for having their own animation studio. Which means trouble for Dreamworks.

Sources are already stating that Dreamworks wants to rework a deal with Paramount as they have to pay fee’s and what not to have them distribute movies. Turns out Paramount wants to rework a deal also, but instead of cutting fee’s they want to raise fee’s. See why I find it ironic that this is all happening as Transformers makes bank? Currently Dreamworks pays 8 percent of total profits to Paramount, the current agreement ends in 2012 and could be extended through 2013 with no changes. However after that Paramount is trying to raise the price, thus their first animated movie is also coming out that year.

Dreamworks doesn’t seem to happy and could be leaving Paramount very soon. However where will they go? WB is the only major studio currently lacking an animation arm, and has already shown major interest in purchasing Dreamworks. However they stated they are not willing to pay too much. Obviously all the other big hitters including Disney, Sony, and Fox already have animated studios. Perhaps this whole ordeal will end up in a similar boat Pixar ended up. The two companies fight, the parent company says they will do something stupid like make a sequel to a movie with a horrible script, and the animation company gives in and works alongside the other animated studios? Who knows?

Personally if a deal cannot be worked out I think WB would be a fantastic partnership for both sides of the fence. WB makes amazing movies, and all their sub companies seem to do well. They have shown great interest and I am a fan of both companies, so something great will come of it. Being WB also runs DC Comics, I could see the rivalry between Pixar and Dreamworks heating up even further and possibly leading into comics one day. However I have a feeling Paramount won’t be so easy to let them go, and something could happen rather soon.

source couchpotatoclub