Russell Crowe in Talks to be Superman’s Dad in Man of Steel

For a few weeks Superman: Man of Steel news was coming out like crazy.  It was very exciting for fans who’ve been eagerly awaiting the big screen return of one of the most iconic superheroes ever.  Then for the past couple months, things have been very quiet.  While news on Dark Knight Rises, and anticipation for Green Lantern has kept everyone occupied, it’s about time for more Supes news.


Variety is now reporting that Russell Crowe is now in talks to play Superman’s biological father, Jor-El.  Portrayed by Marlon Brando in all of the previous films (even Superman Returns, but it was all archived footage), Jor-El is a very important figure for Clark Kent.  Even though he exploded the same time Krypton did, his holographic recordings helped guide and shape Superman.

In other words, while it could potentially be a smaller role, it’s very pivotal.  Let’s face it, this would be pretty sweet.  As iconic as Brando made the role, I think Crowe would do very well with it.  He’s got the right kind of voice and bearing for it.  This would also really complete a very impressive cast list.


Outside of Henry Cavill, who’s taking the lead role, every other major cast member so far (Kevin Costner, Amy Adams, Diane Lane, and Michael Shannon) has either been nominated or won and Oscar…Russel Crowe included.  While that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be good by default (there are plenty of horrible movies with great actors), it does bode well for this reboot.

With filming close to getting started, let’s hope we’ll be getting even more news on Man of Steel shortly.