Ryan Gosling In Talks to Star In Blade Runner 2

Now he’s in talks to star in Blade Runner 2 alongside Harrison Ford (whose face graces the new and great Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer) returning as Deckard. Not much is known plotwise, but we know it’s been penned by Blade Runner co-writer Hampton Fancher and Michael Green, based on an idea between Ridley Scott and Fancher. It’s supposed to take place several decades after the original, meaning Deckard is appropriately much older (and perhaps still a replicant? But lets not get into that). It’s being helmed by Prisoners, and Enemy director Denis Villeneuve, and Scott is stepping back acting as an Executive Producer. 

This all comes today from an Alcon Entertainment announcement. These gradual details are painting a mystifying visual for the Blade Runner sequel. Villeneuve is not exactly the first director I had in mind to handle something of this scope, but he’s established himself as a strong illustrator in murky atmosphere, something akin to the world established in the original. Here’s hoping all that talent, now joined by Gosling, comes together to form something that does it justice.