Ryan Reynolds is the ‘One’ For Highlander Reboot

Well it looks like Ryan Reynolds will be the Highlander after all.  The report first came in from TheTrackingBoard and has since seemingly been confirmed by several other sources as well (including my own), that after a month or so of negotiations, Summit has hired Reynolds for the starring role.


I’ve said it before, I like Reynolds, I think he can be a great actor, but he’s been in a lot of films with problems other than him.  I just don’t think he’s right for this role.  Hell, I even did an article on three actual SCOTTISH actors who would be perfect for the role.  As an avid Highlander fan, I can only cross my fingers and hope at this point that Summit Entertainment and Juan Fresnadillo (who’s directing) don’t mess this reboot up. 

If Reynolds really wants to, I think he could pull of this role without pissing the fans off (he’s definitely not my first choice, but if he works hard I think he can do it), so it’s really going to boil down to how good the script is.  Highlander is easy to mess up (just look at any of the sequels), but it’s a franchise I think deserves a modern revival.  So what do you guys make of this?