Schwarzenegger Explains How His Age Will Be Addressed in Terminator: Genesis

Arnold Schwarzenegger was launched to superstardom three decades ago when he starred as the resilient killing machine in the original Terminator. He appeared in two sequels but missed the fourth film due to the small matter of being the Governor of California. Now he’s back again for the fifth installment of the franchise, Terminator: Genesis.

People may wonder how Schwarzenegger can still play the powerful machine-man considering that he’s aged noticeably over the past 30 years. How will the film address the change in the characters appearance? In a recent interview with MTV, the 66 year old Schwarzenegger had an answer …

Schwarzenegger said… The way that the character is written, it’s a machine underneath. It’s this metal skeleton. But above that is human flesh. And the Terminator’s flesh ages, just like any other human being’s flesh. Maybe not as fast. But it definitely ages.”

So there you have it. Terminators have aging skin. Problem solved. It would have been nice if this had ever been mentioned before, but regardless, that’s the answer the movie has for us. Personally, I preferred the other rumor that was going around; which said that the movie would take us back in time to a point where we’d meet the scientist who originally designed the T-800 and based it on his own appearance. This scientist would, of course, be played by Arnie.

Terminator: Genesis will be directed by Alan Taylor (Thor: The Dark World) and is scheduled for release on July 1, 2015.