Schwarzenegger’s Scandals Put Terminator and Acting Return on Hold

On the whole, I really hate posting anything celebrity related.  I hate gossip stuff and all of these scandals (it’s why People magazine exists), but sine this ties in so directly with films people are looking forward to, I just had to post it up.

As many of you may have heard, Arnold’s personal life has taken a plunge.  His long-time wife Maria Shriver and himself are calling it quits on the marriage and just this past week, it was discovered that he’d had an affair, and fathered a child with one of his office staff members.  The child had been kept secret, up until now.  Needless to say, Arnold’s acting career isn’t the first thing on his mind.

Arnold Terminator

So in a move that’s most appropriate he told his agency to issue the announcement that his comeback is on hold while he deals with these ‘family issues’.  This pretty much means the brakes are being put on Cry Macho and Terminator 5.  Needless to say Megan Ellison is probably pretty pissed off right now.  Since her and her company just went to great lengths to buy the Terminator rights (even putting Justin Lin as the official director to get the project in motion), this news is pretty damaging.

Who knows though.  They’ve done one Terminator movie without Arnold, and it’s possible to do so again.  Really, with the aging and all, is it even feasible to have him back?  Regardless, the projects are on hold, but no one from the Terminator camp is saying anything on the matter.  They may wait for him, they may not.

Terminator Salvation

Personally, this is a great decision.  He needs to get his life together first, or no one is going to care about his return.  Hopefully this means that awful looking Governator cartoon will also get the boot.  Now that Justin Lin seems to be freed up a little, this could mean that the Highlander remake (which just got financing) will become next on his list instead of T5.  But that’s just my little hope…