Scream Is Coming Back, Should Be A Reboot

Spyglass Entertainment’s parent company Lantern Entertainment purchased rights to all of Dimension Films when the studio went bankrupt due to Weinstein being a pervert. So what does that mean? A new Scream!

Spyglass announced that they are working on multiple projects for their newly acquired rights from Dimension. One project being their announced Hellraiser project, and now Scream is also in the works. There are very little details about what the new movie will be, but we are hoping it is a reboot.

Let’s start on why it could actually be Scream 5 and not a complete reboot as many are speculating. Back before Scream 4 released in 2011, Director Wes Craven revealed he’d been contracted to develop Scream 5 and 6 depending on the fourth film’s reception. Kevin Williamson, the writer of the previous titles, announced his script was already ready to go as well as treatments for the sixth film, which would ultimate result in a “reboot” of sorts in and of itself. 

While Scream 4 made 90 million off a 50 million dollar budget, which is okay, but could have been better, this didn’t allow Dimension to rush into announcing Scream 5 as soon as planned (hoped). Then things took a turn when Wes Craven passed away in 2015, and since he’s been the director since the franchise’s inception, it’d be tough to see a full on sequel move forward without him. 

Then came the TV series. Dimension shifted focus entirely when they announced a new Scream TV series for MTV. Discussions about Scream 5 went away entirely, and this show was meant to be the future of the franchise. 

The TV series had nothing to do with the films other than hints at locations and some subtle nods towards the franchise. Even the iconic Ghosftace wasn’t in the series until Season 3, which seemed to ruin things altogether. The first 2 seasons played things off nicely with a younger cast, a neat little town, and thrilling twists all throughout. And yet it still played off core concepts of the film franchise with an innocent lead, and friends all accusing each other of everything.  

The show was doing really well in the first season, but viewership slipped in its second season on MTV. When the show ultimately hit Netflix it picked up major steam, and people began clamoring for a third season. Fans got the new season, but the studio decided to reboot everything, put the more traditional Ghostface back in it, and upended everything they had going for it. 

The show’s second season ended on a cliffhanger, leaving the door wide open for another season to pick up the plot threads. The cast were all behind it and wanted to finish up the story being told…So I don’t understand why they changed it all around. 

Putting the anger aside, however, season 3 still wasn’t bad and goes to show how Scream can revitalize itself by telling new stories. In Scream 4 we had a killer who basically replicated what she had heard/seen on the news. It’s a great horror aspect in today’s world as copycat killers are a real thing. This allows the killer to be literally anyone, and playing off core concepts like bullying can really make you question who it could be, all throughout the film.

So why do I think we need a fresh reboot the next film? Because we need to say this is fresh. Scream 4 could have been that film for the franchise if they just went to square one, but they didn’t. Halloween did something similar with a “reboot” that erased several films from the timeline, but kept classic characters in, and it did amazing. 

Scream doesn’t need to do that though. Courtney Cox should have her character appear and die early in the film just to show how ballsy this new film is. I would steer clear away from calling it “Scream 5” though.  It needs to be a fresh modern take on the franchise, in a small town that doesn’t know who/what the Ghostface killer is. This keeps all the characters innocent, it makes you and the character believe that nothing like this could happen in their small town.

I feel this is what really hurt Scream 4. The idea that “this happened before, and it’s happening again,” made the film feel like we’ve been there, done that. Then you tack on returning characters, returning concepts, and returning ideas, and there’s little left to actually turn into something new. Scream 4 wasn’t bad, but running on the same track will only get you so far. This is the issue the TV series was starting to face in season 2.

Ghostface should become a modern day killer, similar to how the killer used a phone to haunt victims in the first film. We now have technology galore, people can be a little more psychotic in stalking. I didn’t agree with removing Ghostface in the TV series, that’s what makes Scream….Scream. So we need that iconic mask, but it doesn’t mean it has to be the Ghostface we already know.

With Wes Craven no longer directing this becomes an opportunity to totally revamp everything, and much like the TV show it becomes an opportunity to target a younger generation of Slasher fans. The original Scream did a fantastic job of rejuvenating horror with a comical approach to slasher movies, and it’s time to do that again.